13-year-old Golden Retriever finally finds his forever home

Being in a shelter is a difficult ordeal for dogs to overcome, especially when they are old. Adopters are sometimes hesitant to commit to them for fear of being heartbroken soon after their arrival.

It is to change the situation that the 30 Million Friends Foundation organizes an «Operation Doyens» every year. This event allows people to meet animals of advanced age who deserve to end their days in a loving home, while playing down the vagaries of old age. Indeed, the foundation offers to reimburse any veterinary costs up to 600 euros.

Jules, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, was lucky in his misfortune. The poor animal had been taken in by the Gerbey refuge in Isère, because his master could no longer take care of him. Despite his advanced age and deafness, Jules is a lively and affectionate dog. Her playful face and her clumsy air quickly seduced.

Many adopters have come forward to give Jules a fresh start. It was finally Marie and her husband who were chosen. “He was hugely successful despite his age. When we saw it, we literally fell in love,” she told the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

The pair matched in every way since they already had experience with golden age dogs. Indeed, Mari and her husband had in the past given a chance to several canids over 10 years old.

Jules felt perfectly at ease in his new home. “To say that he adapted very quickly is an understatement. He already knew where his couch was. Really, it doesn’t really have a specific corner. It settles everywhere we go. A real pot of glue,” joked Marie.

The mistress maintains her 4-legged companion. She provides him with the necessary care for his skin problems and makes him exercise regularly. “He really makes us laugh. He loves to play ball, but he’s not very good at catching it, even when you’re aiming for his face,» said Marie.

The doggie with a strong character fills his family with joy, which has just welcomed their little girl Lucie. «He’s a nice tyrant. He hates waiting. Sometimes neighbors call out to us during our walk… and he doesn’t like us to stay too long talking! He acts like a teenager. Luckily he is old,” Marie said hilariously.

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