3 Dogs Abandoned In Their Home After Owners Moved Out Have Hope Over Ascension Weekend

Animal protection associations are confronted each year at this period with an upsurge in abandonments. The Ascension weekend was a busy one for the members of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

Two similar cases took place within a few kilometers in the Somme. Owners in the process of moving have left their dogs in the now uninhabited house. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers, the canines were transferred to a safe place. However, one of them is still in critical condition.

A first report was sent to the 30 Million Friends Foundation just before the weekend. A woman explained that an elderly dog ​​was alone inside a house in the village of Laboissière-en-Santerre.

The little canine, named Pitou, was left by his mistress who had decided to move without his 4-legged companion. She would have given the keys to her accommodation to a real estate agent, telling him that he had to take care of selling the house, but also of feeding Yorkshire.

The foundation investigator who intervened urgently managed to obtain from the owner the official abandonment of her animal. Pitou was therefore placed in a safe place in a partner shelter in Amiens where he is now waiting to be adopted. Fortunately, despite this sad experience, he is in good health.

Not far from there, in the town of Sushi, a mistress also abandoned her 2 dogs to their sad fate in the house she had just left. “She went to the house from time to time to briefly feed the animals. After a long negotiation, she finally agreed to hand them over to the 30 Million Friends Foundation,” lamented the investigator.

The 2 canines were found in a state of extreme thinness. The shelter took them to the vet for a health check.

The Australian Shepherd showed no sign of weakness. He was quickly adopted and is now starting his new life.

The Boxer, Iron, is in critical condition. “He is in very poor health and can hardly feed himself because of a mass on his neck,” explained Lydie, a volunteer.

He is currently receiving treatment for his tumour. As soon as he is relieved, he can also be offered for adoption. “He is adorable and affectionate with human beings and shows no aggression towards his congeners. He just asks for presence and hugs,” said Lydie.

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