A 17-year-old girl affected by the animal cause organizes an event to help them

Laly and her brother Tom were afraid of dogs until Roxy, a Eurasier breed, burst into their lives. Indeed, their father had decided to overcome this phobia by showing them up close what true canine love is.

Since then, the young girl has taken a passion for positive education and has built a strong relationship of complicity with Roxy.

Laly now shares her adventures with her faithful 2-year-old furry friend on Instagram. The duo has more than 1,500 subscribers to date.

However, Laly wishing to do more for the animal cause. The teenager thought of creating her own association, but finally decided to organize an event to raise funds for the SPA.

«I wanted to find a way to help dogs in shelters, to improve their daily lives,» Laly told Actu.

Laly, through Roxy Aventures, has therefore organized the canirun which will take place on Saturday September 24, 2022 in Saint-Nazaire in Loire-Atlantique. «With my family anyway,» said the girl before her father added that it was indeed his idea.

Laly, thanks to her community, has created a network of enthusiasts that she has put to use. In addition, she explained that she used her experience in developing contests to plan the event. She therefore convinced without difficulty the deputy of the district, Alain Geoffroy, to grant her the necessary authorizations and to support her financially.

“I felt he was very sensitive to the cause. And then, I like to convince, to find arguments, ”said Laly.

On the program: 2 canicross events (3.2 and 5 kilometres), a 5 kilometer walk, a sea rescue and agility demonstration.

Visitors will also be able to shop at the exhibitor village. The profits collected by Laly and her 26 volunteers will be donated to the SPA so that doggies in need have a better welcome.

The initiative of the young lady met with great success. Registrations for each event are already complete and closed.

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