A dog disappears during a sled race and wanders alone in nature for 3 months!

A sled dog ran away and wandered for 3 months in the Alaskan countryside, much to the chagrin of its owner. A story that reminds us a little of the film “Antartica, prisoners of the cold”. But rest assured: all’s well that ends well!

The bond that unites mushers to their dogs is unbreakable. Respect and trust are the watchwords of the pack. When Sébastien Dos Santos Borges lost one of his faithful 4-legged friends, by the name of Léon, his heart broke into a thousand pieces.

As reported in an article in the columns of the British daily Metro, the animal took to their heels during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, an annual sled race of more than 1,700 km in Alaska. It all took place while the team was camping at a checkpoint in Ruby, about halfway through the course.

Following this disappearance, a great surge of solidarity was born. Residents, volunteers and supporters began searching. Unfortunately, the deserter, described as a “very shy” dog, gave no sign of life for long weeks.

Hope finally made a comeback, when residents of the town of McGrath reported the presence of the canine in the area. They left food there to encourage him to stay in the area. Fortunately, Leon was finally caught 240 km from where he disappeared!

After 3 months of wandering in nature, he found Sébastien and the members of his team. The Iditarod confirmed the good news on social media and «cannot express enough gratitude for all the help, prayers, thoughts and best wishes from the Iditarod Nation for Leon.» The panel added, “Alaska is an incredibly special place, and so is the community spirit that makes The Last Great Race so special. Thank you, Iditarod Nation, and welcome home, Leon!”

The day after the disappearance, Sébastien had to continue the race with 11 dogs. The reunion with his canine partner was full of emotions.

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