A family calls for help after discovering a dog covered in fleas and unable to stand on her feet in their garden

On a hot summer day, a family in St. Louis, Missouri discovered a sick and weak dog curled up in a corner in their backyard. No one knew how long Annie McHound had been there.

The animal was in great pain, covered in fleas, cachectic and unable to stand on its feet. The owners of the premises immediately contacted the local association Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

«I really don’t think she would have survived much longer,» Donna Lochmann, a manager with the organization, told The Dodo. She had never seen a dog with so many parasites on its body.

She got the dog into her car and drove her to the shelter, where the association’s veterinarians were waiting to examine her. Shortly after her arrival, she was washed by a whole team mobilized to take care of her.

Comfortably installed in her box, Annie McHound still did not see her condition improve despite the care. It was then decided to take her to a specialized veterinary center for a blood transfusion.

Back at the shelter after the operation, she was placed in an oxygenated room to help her lungs, badly affected by anemia, to recover. The Stray Rescue of St. Louis team was there day and night to care for and comfort her.

From time to time, she was taken outside to sunbathe and get some fresh air.

Once her lungs healed, Annie McHound was able to meet the other dogs at the shelter. “That’s when she finally started acting like a female dog. She started making friends with her peers and loved playing with them,” says Donna Lochmann. Getting better and better, the dog has been placed in foster care and will soon be ready for adoption.

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