An elderly woman faints in the middle of a walk and takes a heavy fall. Her dog saves his life!

Thanks to the alert given by her dog, then by that of her neighbour, an elderly lady who had fallen was narrowly saved. Grateful, she compares her 4-legged friend to Lassie and describes the second canine as heroic.

A dog saved his mistress, a senior in a wheelchair, after she fell during a walk. The quadruped alerted a fellow creature, which in turn drew its owner’s attention to the victim’s distress. A worthy account of Lassie’s exploits and reported by FOX 35 on Monday, June 6.

It was in Orlando, Florida, that it happened. Marilyn Blackmer lives at HarborChase of Dr. Phillips Independent Seniors Residence, where she lives in an apartment with her best friend. The latter is a 6-year-old Labradoodle by the name of Buddy.

He is also his guardian angel, as he demonstrated that day. Moving in a wheelchair, Marilyn Blackmer had gone out for her usual little walk in the garden of the residence, but the walk was cut short and almost turned into a tragedy.

She lost consciousness before falling. “I passed out and fell on the grass. I couldn’t get up anymore,” she tells FOX 35. Buddy immediately understood that his mistress was in bad shape and that she needed help.

He sped across the yard to join his buddy Sammy, a 4-year-old Bichon Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix whose owner lives just across the street. Alice Joossens was taking her nap at that time. “Sammy woke me up and pulled me to the door. I saw Marilyn lying on the ground, so we all ran out,” she said.

Alice was thus able to help Marilyn to get up. Otherwise, who knows how long she would have remained in this state…

Marylin remembers the terrible loneliness she felt lying on the ground, before hearing her neighbor and the dogs approaching. “I am deeply touched by Buddy and Alice. I don’t feel so alone anymore.»

For her, her dog purely and simply saved her life. “Buddy has strong instincts. He has good judgment on people. He knew I was in trouble,” continues the retiree. Sammy was equally heroic in warning Alice.

Definitely, these creatures will never cease to amaze us…

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