Freon, a young dog abandoned in a stairwell, sees people coming to his aid after 2 weeks of hell

Donna Lochmann is part of the animal welfare group Stray Rescue of St. Louis. On July 12, 2022, the center was informed by a resident of St. Louis, Missouri (USA), that a Boxer crossbreed pooch was trapped in his recently deserted rental unit.

His former masters had warned him 2 weeks after their move that they could not take their faithful companion of 2 years to their new home and that, therefore, they had left him to waste away in the stairwell. Donna hastily jumped into her vehicle to rescue him. “When I gently opened the door, I saw him take refuge on the landing,” explained the young woman to The Dodo.

As we can see on the video, Freon, his nickname, was initially fearful, but quickly understood that he was finally coming to his aid. The poor pooch was able to survive thanks to a few kibbles left here and there and a bucket filled with water.

«He was a little hesitant at first and didn’t dare come with me. But after a bit of persuasion with sausages, he walked up the steps and through the front door,” Donna recounted.

Freon therefore left his old empty house to join the refuge.

The ultimately very affectionate quadruped won the hearts of the volunteers. During his check-up visit to the vet, he showed his love for humans despite his heavy past.

“He gave everyone kisses, even when he got his shots,” Donna added.

Once his certificate of good health in his pocket, Freon was offered for adoption.

Her pretty face did not take long to soften a couple with children. The shelter shared the news of her adoption on Facebook on August 25, 2022, just over a month after her rescue.

He now enjoys the care and affection of his new owners to the angels.

Likewise, he cohabits with a fellow Labrador Retriever type who has gladly made room for him in his cozy basket.

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