They see a dog stuck on a balcony in the heat, the municipal agents come to his aid

Alerted by local residents, the municipal agents of a Sarthe town came to the aid of a dog locked on a balcony in full sun. Unable to enter the property, they could only refresh and rehydrate the animal. According to testimonies, this was not the first time that the canine had been left in these conditions.

“30 degrees in the shade today. A huge thank you to our municipal agents for having assisted this poor thirsty dog ​​stuck on his balcony in full sun… “, can we read in the Facebook publication of the town hall of Précigné (72) where she recounts the incident. A story relayed by Ouest-France on Wednesday June 15.

The intervention took place the day before. The mayor of the Loire town explains to Ouest-France that he «was warned by a trader who had seen this abandoned dog». Jean-François Zalesny specifies that, legally, the municipal agents were not able to enter the property to rescue the animal, a Pitbull or American Staffordshire Terrier. “We could not leave this dog in this state”, continues the elected official, having asked the officials to intervene from the outside.

In the photos included in the Facebook post, we can actually see the 2 municipal agents deploying a ladder under the balcony to allow one of them to climb up to the level of the quadruped and come to his aid. He was able to refresh him with a watering can and gave him a drink.

The dog had no possibility of sheltering from the sun or the heat. The balcony is completely exposed and the blinds of the French windows were lowered, preventing him from accessing the interior of the accommodation.

One of the people who commented on the post mentioned having already seen the dog in this posture on Monday morning. “He was on that balcony barking as early as 8:30 a.m.,” she detailed. Another spoke of “cats locked out all day” on that same balcony.

Informed of the situation, the municipal police must contact the owner and verbalize him. He incurs a fine of 750 euros for ill-treatment.

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