This retired airplane pilot now flies to rescue abandoned dogs

David Tan is a retired military pilot. However, there is no question of stopping doing good around him. He devotes his free time to helping dogs and other animals in need.

David Tan lives in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. After 40 years of good and loyal service in the army and in the private sector, he now focuses on the rescue of dogs. For that, he uses his Aermacchi SF-260, a two-seater Italian plane generally dedicated to the practice of aerobatics.

Since he started his new mission in 2012, he has rescued more than 360 dogs as well as 23 cats, a pig and even a bat. “There are terrible stories circulating about people’s cruelty to animals. It affects me. I feel good when I can help drive them into him sure,” David told Tekpolis.

David is part of the Pilots N Paws association, which brings together nearly 6,000 pilots worldwide. The objective of this non-profit organization is to provide a place of exchange where associations invested in animal welfare can meet and prepare rescue flights with available pilots.

David takes his time, makes his plane available and pays for the fuel to help animals in need. One of his last assignments was to transport a little dog named April, who had been abandoned because she had toilet problems. The poor animal was about to be euthanized at the vet when David intervened.

Often, the pilot is responsible for taking the dogs from one airport to another, but sometimes he is lucky enough to take them directly to their adopters and this is a great satisfaction for him. «I hope these people love you forever,» he told them then.

Thanks to this volunteering, David feels useful in a cause that is dear to him. Moreover, he explains that it is an excellent way for him to keep his control, and that he prefers that rather than going around in circles during recreational flights.

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