Woman sees what looks like a black garbage bag on the side of the road and decides to turn around: she saves a stray dog

This woman used this road daily to get to work. But that day, she made the most beautiful discovery while admiring the landscape.

On August 31, 2021 in the morning, Shena was heading to work as usual via the highway. The young woman explained that she liked to look at the blueberry fields around on her way to work and that she could frequently observe coyotes there. But that day, she noticed something lying on the floor that looked like a black garbage bag. She continued her route, however, a small voice in her head convinced her to turn back to check what it was all about. Arriving nearby, she discovered that it was not an object, but a lethargic animal.

A poor black dog was in bad shape and seemed to be in pain. “I was shocked! Her eyes opened and a wave of pure relief washed over me,” Shena said. The young woman approached gently so as not to frighten the canine, but he was terrified. So she spoke to him softly, even though the din of traffic drowned out her reassuring words. It was then that she noticed that the poor animal was suffering from a terrible leg injury.

The dog, named Blueberry by her Good Samaritan, finally decided to trust. Shena rushed her to the vet clinic, turning her purse strap into a makeshift leash. It turned out that she had a nasty fracture, but that this one would not leave any sequelae once treated.

Shena immediately knew that she could never again be separated from Blueberry who already showed her all his love and all his gratitude.

A year later, the dog is metamorphosed. Her health problems and her fear of humans are far behind her.

She enjoys a dream life with her new mistress and her congener. “She makes ridiculously funny Gremlin noises when she gets excited. She wants to please. She also does everything a thousand percent,” Shena explained to the angels.

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